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After swimming the equivalent distance as per the English Channel (21 miles) along The Manchester Ship Canal on the 5th September 2008 it was paramount for my body to recover

to be able to complete the additional 15 miles the following day in order to be the first person

to swim it's entire length. It was due to the girls at Techniq Corporate Wellbeing and Sports Therapy who ironed out all the aches and pains that helped me to achieve this goal.


James Whittaker  |  Peel Holdings


My friends and I booked a pamper party as a 50th birthday treat. Techniq were fantastic.

So professional, so helpful, so skilful and friendly. We just sat back and they did the work!

Techniq made the evening into the success that it was. Thank you both so much. We cannot recommend Techniq's pamper party enough and we will definitely be booking another treatment the next chance we get.


Sue Elliott  |  Cheshire


I am a high mileage runner and the Techniq Therapists keep my legs going (in particular my troublesome IT bands) using a variety of sports massage techniques and stretches. I could not have got through the London Marathon earlier this year without their treatments or support.

They are both incredibly enthusiastic, encouraging and full of ideas that help me with my training. I have no doubt that I will be able to do many more endurance events with their support.


Hannah Curtis  |  AppSense


"Techniq Corporate Wellbeing and Sports Therapy have provided pre- and post-race sports massage services for Xtra Mile Events for our triathlons and duathlons in 2008 and 2009. Our competitors have always been very pleased with the treatment and service they have received."


Xtra Mile Events