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Why not join a growing number of companies who provide on-site massage for their employees?


Offering massage at the office is another way to show your employees that you care about

their health and wellbeing. Whether offered as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service, on site massage can have a hugely positive effect on your business. Massage is key for staff retention and once introduced, will become a much valued staff benefit.


We can offer you a complimentary taster session on your premises.  This is a perfect opportunity for you and your employees to experience the range of treatments we offer. We are confident that you will want us to become a regular part of your wellbeing program for your employees.

The many benefits to you as a company and to your employees include:


     Boost morale and motivation at work

     Create a healthier working environment

     Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

     Relieve stress and tension, RSI and fatigue


In Techniq, you will know you have found the best people to relax and rejuvenate your team.

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Sports Massage for competitors is ideal pre or post sports event e.g. for triathlons, cycling and running. It can help speed up recovery after exercise, promote injury healing and release tension and pain from muscles and joints.


Techniq will enhance major events by adding that special touch that makes your event stand out from the crowd and leaves your guests feeling relaxed and energised.

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